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This weekend (sep 8th/9th) its English Breakfast for lunch.  Lunch?  Breakfast?  Dinner?  Midnight feast?  English breakfast is so good people in England eat it at any time of the day.  Home-made dry-cured back bacon, home-made sausages, hash browns, real baked beans and proper breakfast mushrooms, eggs cooked to your choice and of course freshly baked bread.

Next weekend (SAT 15th, SUN 16th AND MONDAY 17th)  its Help the Aged day or something so all you lucky people have an extra day off.  Why not bring your oldest friends to Eizakaya for the RETURN OF THE ROAST!!!!  After a long hot summer its cooled down enough to fire up the oven again.  ROAST BEEF will be served with all the correct trimmings including some fresh horseradish sauce which I made yesterday with some wild horseradish roots I found while strolling through the countryside.   IF enough people book in advance I will make the pinnacle of sweet treats….. TRIFLE!!!!  which has the added benefit of being easy to eat for people with no teeth.

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