new gin now on sale

Emma just came from New Zealand and very kindly responded to my request to taste every kind gin from every bottle in the country while she was there.  She chose this to be the newest child in the Eizakaya family.

Its a juniper-forward gin with citrus overtones and is delicious neat.  With a slice of cucumber and ice its great too.  Tonight we will be experimenting with a negroni and clove-studded orange.

Cricket in the Park

On Sunday April 29th we will be playing cricket in the park with our favourite customers in the afternoon.  Experience, equipment, knowledge is not necessary, its just for fun.

日曜日の4月29日には、午後に私たちのお気に入りの顧客と一緒に公園でクリケットをプレイします。 経験、設備、知識は必要ではなく、楽しいものです。

Location TBA, Shin-Maebashi area.

Everyone is welcome to join us.  There will be free sandwiches and Yorkshire tea.  Beer and cakes will be greatly appreciated.

If you interested please let us know you want to come.


誰もが私たちに加わることを歓迎します。 無料サンドイッチとヨークシャーティーがあります。 ビールとケーキは大変に感謝されます。


営業変更 土・日ランチはスタートします! 1300~




  • スープ + 焼きたてパン
  • ローストラムもも肉付き合わせ


予約・問い合わせ: 09012188136



3月21日 営業情報

今週はやっと春ですね!嬉しい! 今週から店の料理は改善します。。。春向け!  ゴボウのグラタン。。。アスパラガスのトリュフ。。。ハマグリ。。。ルバーブなどなど。

Easter! Eggs! Easter eggs!

Easter Eggs…

Easter eggs

What is Easter?

Easter is a holiday period observed in the Western world at the start of April every year. Its like golden week but Easter is always a long-weekend holiday from Friday to Monday.

The origins of Easter

Easter was invented in 1736 in the English county of Lincolnshire.

The river Trent is a large, important route for transporting crops and goods from the rich, blessed and fertile soils of Northern England down to the barren, heathen, cursed areas of Southern England. But it is also a wide and fast flowing river that in days gone by was hazardous and difficult to cross. Before bridge-building technology became advanced in the 19th century ferry-boat services were the only way to cross. At a point of the river near near the cultural hotbed of Scunthorpe one such ferry-boat was famous as being the fastest and most luxurious vessel of the know world. On the west bank of the river the village port was called simply West Ferry and on the East bank the port settlement became known as East Ferry.

The reigning monarch of that time, King George II, decided to reward and honor the glorious people of Lincolnshire by granting a brand new long-weekend holiday in order for his subjects to indulge in an annual orgy of alcohol, sex, music and merry-making. But what to call the new holiday? He held a competition and challenged each of the port villages to design a new snack that he might enjoy on a picnic or in a pub, drinking fine English ale.

The people of England all knew that the King loved boiled eggs so that was the springboard for their new dishes. The people of West Ferry decided to wrap their egg in cabbage and served it with a sauce of horse urine and pond leeches. The people of East Ferry thought that it might taste better if they wrapped the egg in pork mince flavoured with sage, onion, pepper and mustard, then deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with a tangy, pickled relish made by the local Mrs Branston.

The king was overjoyed with the Eastern egg and declared that the the holiday should be called “East Ferry Day” which was quite a mouth-full so people generally shortened it to “East-ern day” which through lexical diffusion became simply “Easter”.

That is the story of Easter.

No chocolate, no rabbits, no superstition. Just booze, music, merry-making and sausage!

Easter eggs are on sale now at Eaizakaya. Come and get some REAL culture.

REAL Easter eggs. Perfect with a glass of Iron Brew.











営業時間は :

ランチ - 月ー金 11:30-14:00

夕飯 - 火ー土 18:00 - 終わり